Seen a handful of posts on the relatively-new Wicked Good — opened for around two months, Wicked Good is located within [email protected]; the same building also houses Jiang 蔣先生 Cantonese Tapas which we had visited some time back. As with most of the ground floor units at [email protected], Wicked Good’s unit comprises of two levels, with the stairs leading to the basement. On first look, Wicked Good does look like an ice-cream parlour with an American diner-style set up; checkered floors and flashy walls with a display chiller that carries the flavours of gelato available for the day. Move on towards the basement level and a hidden bar with an underground vibe occupies the space. The menu at Wicked Good is fairly limited when it comes to mains — they only serve three different burgers here, though they do carry a wider variety of sides. Being an bar, do expect a decent variety of craft beers being served here — the selection of craft beers are being constantly updated, and one can check out what they are serving via the display fridge; non-alcoholics can also pick between the Coke Float or Root Beer Float here.

It was difficult to pick which burger to go for but we found ourselves ordering the Spam-kin Good’; a breakfast burger that features elements such as spam, chipotle aioli, soft scramble eggs, American cheddar, spring onions and brioche bun. Replicating that messy and sloppy American burger experience, the scrambled eggs here are done deliberately runny to the extent that it barely keeps in its place. Together with the melted American cheddar, both elements provided a savoury egginess that makes for quite the sinful experience together with the slab of luncheon meat in the middle. We liked how the spam used here wasn’t overly salty — provided a decent meatiness to the burger itself; all that in between soft and fluffy brioche buns which is well-toasted for that slightly crisp exterior. A burger that attempts to recreate that messy, sinful nature of American burger-eating culture that is pretty much comforting to the soul.

Wicked Good’s strongest suit does seem to be in their burgers and fried items — was equally impressed by their Dredged Onion Rings which sees the use of a buttermilk batter that only leaves us to wonder how good their Ez Chick Sandwich was likely to be. Given what they have to offer at the price, we would say that Wicked Good had delivered more than what we have expected — pretty good burgers and bar snacks that would have worked really well with the selection of craft beers they carry. With the bar being hidden away from the ground level, perhaps time will tell whether potential patrons will notice that little secret of a underground bar they are hiding in the basement — but we will likely be making a return to Wicked Good to try out the Ez Chick Sandwich just to see how it matches up against that Dredged Onion Rings that we have had!