It may not be famous, but it occupies a special place in my heart because I literally grew up eating it. Being just across the road from my primary and secondary school, Fairfield Methodist, my friends and I would often eat there after the dismissal bell rang. Having limited pocket money, a plate of $2 wonton mee was the best thing to us. To this day I still eat it regularly and love everything about it — it carries a special handmade feel, nothing like the factory-made noodles and char siew or wonton you get elsewhere. Because we were still kids who couldn't take chilli so well, the aunty would substitute with tomato ketchup, or you could also order "see yao yao" (which I think means "want soy sauce") for something plainer that still hits the perfect level of tastiness. It's a pity that a grass patch is all that's left of the food centre we Fairsians grew up with, but I'm glad that a special part of it lives on not too far away. #Hawkerpedia