First bite wasnt impressive but wow the centre was really oily and flavourful. Well crisped up on the skin side and blackened mostly(slightly bitter). Pretty good but the oil pools at the bottom SO FLIP IT OVER Asap once u received the Fish so that the skin doesnt get soggy from the oil.

For the Small bites that comes along w this, im really glad they adjusted the umeboshi(pickled Plums) so that it's less intense and more herbal+sweet, which is more suited to our palate. The Grilled cheese was intense and that's right up my alley. Luckily it's a two biter so even those who dont like cheese wouldnt have to endure too much of it. The sweet sauce potatoes were rlly good right out of the wok, as the sesame seeds would have been super fragrant(courtesy of the nice rice-cooking lady) but it's nowhere near as good when cold