Pint & Dine, a cafe previously located at Kensington Square, has relocated to Springside Walk (few bus stops away from Springleaf MRT Station). The food served here is mainly Korean-Western Fusion, and we recently tried some items during a recent visit:

~Drunken Seafood Soup (This was so good! It’s a seafood soup with a good amount of prawns, clams, mussels and squid cooked in rose wine. The broth, which was was the star of the show, was light but really aromatic and flavourful! This is served together with a bowl of rice. Highly recommended!)

~Bulgogi Carbonara (While we felt that the components were done well separately, we weren’t sure if the sweet bulgogi paired perfectly with the creamy pasta. Good choice though if you’re craving both!)

~Korean Fried Chicken - Yangnyeom & Soy Garlic (These KFC were pretty good, and we preferred the Yangnyeom flavour, which was sweet and mildly spicy!)

~Gimmari (These deep fried seaweed rolls stuffed with japchae were easily our favourite appetiser! So crispy and addictive! Goes really well with the sauce on the side too!)

~Cotton Candy Latte & Yuzu Soda (IG-worthy drinks to have with your meal! The refreshing drinks weren’t too sweet either!)