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Medium rare is the way to go, lest for me 😆

Juicy & well seasoned beef patty cooked to perfection is the star of this burger. Caramelised onions, lettuce, bacon adds up to flavor & texture. Try it! Share it so you can order more food to try 😆

Cured creatures (pizza) in the background was too sour & spicy for me. Its pork salami, cheese, chilli flakes on a thin crust. The crust was quite hard to bite on. Maybe the other pizzas might be easier to eat?

Do try their craft beers too, and they do give out beer samples if you ask!

I had the HOPT soda - salted lychee and I love it! The light salty taste came at the end of it which made it enjoyable. Refreshing taste of lychee.

Had the 1-for-1 from burpple app!

The little creature (burger): $28
Cured creatures (pizza): $23
HOPT salted lychee soda: $7
Craft beer: $9 onwards

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