After seeing fellow Tastemaker and alcoholic Jason's post about this lor mai kai, I had this on my to-try list and I finally managed to make time for it.

This lor mai kai is radically different from all others, as the soft, tender chicken patty also incorporates chopped up bits of turnip and spring onion, which adds a unique sweetness and crunch to the lor mai kai along with its subtle saltiness. It's basically a chicken tua pau sitting atop a bed of glutinous rice instead of sitting inside a steamed bun, and that's probably the easiest way to describe it.

Unfortunately, the glutinous rice was inadequate and insipid. It wasn't quite oily enough to give the familiar feeling of eating properly prepped glutinous rice, and it was just banally bland. Oh well, at least that palatable poultry patty was exceptional. Oh, and Hong Ho Phang's Hong Kong style century egg congee is simply stellar, so don't miss out on that one.