This Ootoro Meshi bowl with five slices of Ootoro sashimi on a bed of pickled ginger and vinegared rice with a dollop of wasabi was such a delight. I love salmon sashimi but ootoro is on a different level. If the timbre of salmon was an alto note resonating in bubbly river water, ootoro is a delightful mezzo-soprano that rings like clear spring water. One bite and the tone of the tuna taste distinctly resonates in my mouth. The beauty of the ootoro is in the fat of course, it adds a roundness to the flavour of ootoro, and beautiful melt-in-your mouth texture. Instead of it echoing in your mouth like maguro, it rings once and disappears into the air, and you're left longing for it, chasing for that last taste it left in your mouth. Due to the freshness of the fish, there's no fishiness at all, and you can deeply appreciate the ootoro in all its beauty.