What I'm holding in my hand isn't a biscotti with iberico ham on top. It's actually biscotti with shaved slices of milk chocolate made to look like iberico ham, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with a little sea salt. The combination is just spectacular. The best part is, absolutely free which explains the snaking queues for it at Fantasia by Escribà. Fantasia by Escribà ends today, so for those who have yet to check it out, do head down to Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, halls D and E. Fantasia is a somewhat life sized version of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. You will see mammoth creations of candy and chocolate throughout your exhibition. There are also actors and actresses hired to keep you entertained along your way through the exhibition. Master classes and demo sessions are also held for those who are interested. I honestly thought that the space for this exhibition was a little too big for the number of attractions that they had. Also, I felt that a wider variety of food could have been provided. But other than that, Fantasia is a life sized wonderland that your inner kid will definitely want to visit.