(There are plans for 3 more outlets opening in Singapore.)
Noting the fact that the quality of good tea must be built on the foundation of the best tea leaves, the team at Winnie’s has secured the following supply of superior quality ones:
Nantou Mountain Spring Tea, Legendary Jingxuan Tea, Charred Oolong Tea, Black Tea as well as Smoky Blossom Green Tea
With its extensive selective available on its menu, it could be difficult to decide on the favourite drink since each has their individual uniqueness in taste. Winnie’s also offers healthier choice options such as preservative-free handmade pearl, fruits and basil seed as toppings.

The few signature drinks as featured:

1. Legendary Jingxuan Tea
2. Afternoon Milk Tea with Pudding
3. Lychee Rose Nectar
4. Black Sugar Oolong Milk Tea with Honey Pearls
5. Organic Fuji Apple Green Tea
6. Black Sugar Pearl Fresh Milk
7. Ferrero Rocher Smoothie
Thanks @desertingbeauty for the review.