Signature Truffle Ramen (Dry) ($16.90)

I didn't know what I should be order for lunch so I decided to try it out since I saw the article about this ramen store at orchard gateway. I would like to say that it's quite unique and special on that time when they introduced the ramen back on 2016 ? tbh orchard got too much food choice for overrated or even underrated but sometimes I didn't know what I should eat it already since today is my last day at matchalax. I'm not saying that it's not disappointed or expected on the dry truffle ramen but I felt that noodles was slightly dry and hard to chew through and also not much truffle taste? But it's not that creamy and milky texture as I expected that I did managed to eat ramen finish. I did like their charshu also in terms of thickness level and also soft texture.

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