After You...isn't me. Or at least for a good 40 minutes it wasn't. The queue was unexpectedly long (Sunday) when we visited, but after seeing it on IG so many times and it being our first time in Bangkok, it was sort of a must-try. Looks stunning, and happy to say it tasted to match too.
Cheddar Cheese Shibuya toast (185 baht/S$7.40). The toast is already sliced into easy to handle cubes. Each cube is buttery within, while crisp on the exterior. Spread the ice cream over and mop up some of the melted ice cream with the cube. The pairing with cheddar cheese creates an extra dimension of savouriness and somehow works exceedingly well. Yums. Especially for toast lovers - you likely won't be disappointed. Choice of 2 ice cream flavours - the Thai milk tea has a strong tea oomph while the matcha latte wasn't cloyingly sweet. 2 sizes - the baby size is good for 2 as a teatime snack. 💫
More people ordered the shaved ice dessert, which looked dazzling, but I'd stick to the toast.

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