@tunglokgroup original claim to fame is the certified Singaporean classic of chili crab, so it comes as absolutely no surprise that TungLok’s version is one of the quintessential chili crabs in town. If this piquant pic doesn’t get your appetite aroused & your saliva flowing, you’re on the wrong damn insta feed.⠀

Yes, there’s no photoshop here, that Sri Lankan crab is a true behemoth that’s concealing about two metric truckloads of fresh, firm, subtly sweet & salty crabmeat under its hardened exterior. These crabs are colossal, and the chili gravy is equally epic to match. It’s extremely eggy, which makes for a tastefully thick texture that’s essentially a sublimely savoury slurry of sumptuousness.⠀

Unlike the vast majority of chili crab gravies out there, TungLok’s gravy isn’t sweet, but is instead a little sharp to keep this hedonistic dish from becoming surfeiting. I personally enjoyed the little sliver of sharpness from the vinegar that’s been cooked into the chili gravy, which balances out the sweet & savoury and slightly spicy facets of the gravy and the crab perfectly. This slightly sharp, mildly spicy, subtly sweet & unforgettably umami gravy got my palate & salivary glands all fired up and crying with desire.⠀

Of course, not soaking some fantabulous fried mantous in this heavenly gravy is a capital crime in my jurisdiction. However, there’s so much of that glorious gravy that ten mantous weren’t even close to making a dent in that reservoir of gravy. I wanted to grab the entire bowl and guzzle it all, but that would’ve been a bit beyond the pale.⠀

As you all may already know from my previous post, burpple is offering a twenty percent discount off your food bill every Monday to Thursday at TungLok, so there really isn’t any legitimate excuse for you to rob yourself of this compelling chili crab. Discount or nah, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY BLUD!!⠀

I would like to take this time to extend my most sincere gratitude for allowing me the pleasure of consuming this chili crab, @tunglokgroup & @burpple. Love y’all 3000.

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