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What exactly: “Milk-based pudding with Rose water topped with honey and Lebanese nuts.” — menu

Price on menu: $8.00

Thoughts on food: Basically bandung drink but dessert-version. Flavourful yet light.

Will I order this again: Yes if I am restricted to the same two dessert choices. No if I get to try something new.

Will I visit this place again: If there is a Burpple deal or any deal/discount of some sort. But I would recommend this place to people; it is worth a try.

If you are using BB for the same deal, do note that you will be charged a flat price of $49++ regardless of your choice of order from the Burpple-exclusive menu. It is not so much a 1-for-1 but you still save a substantial amount (~$23 for my friend and I) in total. Also they charge GST for service charge too.