Its Friday 9pm, my friend and I find ourselves looking for a night bite around PLQ. Immediately Rempapa comes to mind. She has not been here, even better.
I got a speciality pork charsiew, ayam pelenchang to share; I also tell her she needs to try the kuehs here, she orders the kueh bengkah.

The dessert came first warm and she chimes “smells really good”, she digs in and says “you are right maybe I should bring my parents here”. For context we both have avid foodie parents.

This is the first time I order the meat sides at rempapa and they are irresistibly good, the char siew puts your artificially coloured looking meat in wanton noodles to shame; I was happy to part with $18 for a whole well marinated slab of pork cut that was lean but with a thin layer of fat. The ayam pelenchang also sends me walking on air and prayerful that the shortage in chicken supply becomes a short termed affair.

2nd time at rempapa and the food is still stellar IMHO.