There’s no need to stay dry during this #StayHome period when Singapore’s top bars have hustled to come up with ingenious ways to get their liquid concoctions to us (and goodness knows we need it more than ever!).

A fine example is @NativeBarSg, ranked no. 12 on #Worlds50bestbars. I got to try their new range of bottled cocktails when co-owner Vijay dropped them off at my home two nights ago. After opening the first of their four cocktails, the “Hibiscus” to be specific, you can colour me impressed. I loved its refreshing and none-too-sweet blend of hawthorn distillate, hibiscus jus and kithul palm syrup coupled with the buzz from the high alcohol kick (approximately 23% to 25%).

I am now more excited than ever to slowly savour the other three:

- The “Foragers’ Garden” - Composed of housemade matcha, bluepea flowers, calamansi and matcha kombucha, this also has an alcohol content of about 23% to 25%.

- The “Peranakan” - A jackfruit rum, laksa leaves, goat’s milk, candlenut and gula melaka blend that is stronger at 30% alcohol level.

- The “Pineapple Arrack” - An even more potent creation with Ceylon arrack, old coconuts, pineapple skin and Sri Lankan spices, estimated to hit the 33% to 35% mark in alcohol.

Their bottled cocktails are extremely easy to enjoy as they only need to be stuck in the fridge to chill (shelf life is 6 months but frankly, I am sure to be done with them much quicker) and then poured over ice. One bottle is good for between 6 and 8 portions, which makes it good value and more importantly, very-pleasurable-bang-for-your-buck if you ask me.

To order, just DM @NativeBarSg on Instagram.