There's only 2 things that doesn't suck about rain on a Saturday morning for me: the weather isn't too hot, and Ming kee doesn't have a queue. Usually the queue is 10 strong, consistently throughout the lunchtime.

This is very satisfying for 1pax, the staff would advise you get chicken thigh+drumstick instead(you get abit less thigh meat, but easier for most people to finish)

Chicken was very generous in portion(get the normal portion 3.5nett for most value for money), and can tell they use massive chickens.

One of the best, I feel good chicken rice is difficult to compare because they're usually so different

This one has pretty tender meat, w a light but salty soy sauce which is seriously addictive. The chili was watery with a lot of ginger, but fits the profile of the dish perfectly.

There's no reason to doubt the queue, just pray it rains so the queue is short, it doesn't move fast because a lot of people Dabao huge portions