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- Spicy black cod fish soup
The delicate texture with mild flavour of cod fish fit perfectly with the spicy soup that has loads of finely chopped garlic .Do note that it contains loads of vege with limited pieces of cod fish
- An array of side dishes (9)
Kimchi , spring onion , sweet potato , salad, bean sprouts , etc . My Bias would definitely be the spicy and sour trad kimchi. Oh yah , you can takeaway if you would like so at $8 . And ice Cream is served at the end of your meal as mini dessert ❤️
- Pan Fried seafood pancake with spring onion
Hey I was looking forward to this dish with loads of seafood like prawn and sotong embedded in the flavourful batter but Guess what , I was so disappointed by the pathetic chopped portions of prawns . Was it even seafood? More like vegetable pancake . However, I still had to admit that I adore the batter and texture of the pancake a lot 😅

Overall , it was an interesting experience by tasting food items that are not sold often in other SG Korean restaurants like the spicy black cod fish soup but give the pancake a miss if you're a seafood lover like me!