The stretch along Upper Serangoon where Mee Sek Kopitiam is located is the supper hub of Upper Serangoon/Hougang. There’s a 鸡煲(Chicken Hotpot) war going on between Qi Xiang and Qi Wei... End of the day the consumer wins lah. I always go to Qi Xiang because the Kopitiam (non-aircon) setting is more rustic and comfortable for supper hangs. For 3 pax the half-chicken should do. Best thing to top the pot with must be the Tau Kee. Soaks up the sauce. This is a 中辣 and is not spicy at all. Top the pot up with their homemade chilli please. Call to book in advance as the place is packed on weekends from 7:30-9:00pm.