Each set comes with a choice of Thai milk tea or Thai iced lemon tea.

@popejaithai, a Thai casual dining restaurant and a social enterprise that supports 8 different beneficiaries through training and employment. They are also helping private hire drivers during this covid-19 period.

Read generally positive reviews about them, and with quality food at nett pricing, there’s nothing more that I would ask for. Their Tom Yum dishes were filled with herbs; lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves were distinctly found even in the Tom Yum seafood fried rice. The Tom Yum soup was slightly on the spicy side, but not to the extent of leaving your stomach burning. As one of the popular dishes from Pope Jai Thai, the garlic honey chicken was pretty interesting. It somehow tasted like bak kwa, probably due to the honey, but at the same time exuded a mildly fragrant garlic aroma. Even as the food had turned slightly cold due to delivery, the fried chicken was still flavorful and retained its juiciness. It was just a pity that it was cold, same for the Tom Yum soup. One appetizer to try is the golden square tofu, that had the sweet Thai chili and chopped peanuts as condiments and toppings.

I liked that their Thai milk tea wasn’t overly sweet as they had told me it was of a fixed sugar level. However, what was intriguing was even the Thai iced lemon tea without the condensed milk, tasted just like the Thai milk tea!

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