The savoury food at Bacha Coffee isn’t as nice as their sweets. Tbh I found the standard and quality of the food really quite abysmal and sad given the prices and given that we queued 1 and a half hours for this. I really wish Laduree’s cafe had opened here instead as was the original plan. Laduree’s savouries are so much nicer.

Pictured: Barramundi Tagine and French Toast with Smoked Salmon

I found the fish tasted quite bland like airplane food. It was also quite fishy. The veggies felt slightly undercooked and didn’t really have a roasted flavour or anything to it. It was just really meh and I wouldn’t recommend this. The french toast didn’t really taste like french toast and the smoked salmon was rather little and not super fresh. Also wouldn’t recommend this dish either.

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