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Benjamin Barker Cafe offers quite an extensive selection of food choices. The interior was cozy and the decor was contemporary.

Food Wise:
- Salted Egg Calamari, honestly speaking, it’s underwhelming.. nothing special.

- Salmon w Almond Crust, tasted good, worth the price. Salmon was light & fresh, the almond crust added a slightly crunchy touch to the dish. Downside of this dish is that the portion is small.

- Chilli Lime Seafood Aglio Olio, not a wow/ fantastic dish but worth trying. Lacks the zesty and garlicky taste that I was looking for.. but you can’t go wrong with aglio olio & spaghetti.. right?

- Boom Chicka Wow Wow Burger, friends tried this and gave their approval. The bun was great, soft, a little airy and buttery. The kind of bun burgers shld have. The fried chicken was well battered and very juicy.

Overall Rating:
7/10 (would definitely visit again)

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