Fine dessert experience. I like the creativity in all their dessert. Amazingly delicate in the decoration, and being mediculous in the taste. I enjoyed the desserts a lot. It complement my fine afternoon so well, it made me a happy person all day long. I am sorry I do not have the full name of desserts, but what we ordered are chocolate croissant, blueberry cheese cake, hazelnut nutty ..... dessert, and strawberry mint dessert. I love everything! Croissant was so crispy and smells so good. Hazelnut dessert were true on the flavor, with interesting texture of that soft cream, followed by slight chewy puff, and then crunchy nuts. I have the same heavenly feeling for that strawberry mint dessert. Lastly cheese cake, I am almost totally do not take cheese and milk, but this was light in taste, I could accept it. I love these so much. Price: RM19 for cakes, and RM8 for croissant, Food: 10/10