Finally paid a visit to this ulu cafe Whisk & Paddle. Place is nestled within/near a park giving off a very relaxing scenery while eating. Lucky that we didn’t have to queue (there was a surge of diners just a few minutes after we arrived)

Ordered this very bright plate of Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict ($14.80++) with a side of Thick-Cut Bacon (not in photo, $3.50++). Waffles are very good - soft and fluffy with a crunchy exterior. The poached eggs are done well with the oozing yolk. Smoked salmon is a bit bland, but good thing I have the bacon with me helping to up the salt. Could be a bit more generous with the hollandaise as well.

Will reco the place for the ambience (very family-friendly too, btw), food I’ve tried is good but nothing too special. Would need to try other mains on the next visit :)

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