This Bukit Damansara joint aims to please all Japanese food lovers with both sashimi and grill bars. The menu is straightforward and built around plates to share – pen down this spot for your next dinner with friends. On sushi, Voon's Nigiri (an omakase of classic nigiri, RM68) is good for two, but we also recommend getting the Hotate sashimi (scallop, RM35) and Tekka nigiri (lean tuna, RM16). And from the grill bar, both the Negima (chicken and leek, RM6.50) and Tsukune (chicken meatballs, RM7.50) made with Jidori (free-range) chicken are must-orders. For off-menu delights, look to Kinme’s specials board for seasonal items from Japan like aji (Japanese horse mackerel). Cap off the meal with a glass of the housemade Ripe Plum Umeshu (RM35, a glass) by Chef Voon.
Photo by Burppler Blueskies Cottonclouds