On our recent ladies night, @heyrozz, @linosaur and I managed to cut quite a swathe through @yatagarasu72’s menu, ending with a respectable 24 skewers, and this is on top of the food that didn’t come on skewers. Frankly, everything at this Japanese izakaya is so tasty, I could have kept on going but fortunately, sensibility prevailed.
We started with an appetiser of Seasonal Bamboo Shoot ($3.30) that packed a lovely succulent crunch. And because we are such fiends for coriander, two bowls of Coriander Salad ($6.50 each) with different dressings of a light Japanese ponzu sauce and creamy Sesame (my preferred) were necessary.
Being a greedy bunch, we practiced a no-sharing policy, so nearly every grilled-food-on-stick item was ordered in threes. They included:
* Pork Belly with Snap Garden Peas ($3.85 each) - Loved the contrast between the perky veg and smoky, salty meat.
* Pork Belly with Shiso ($3.85 each) - Still my favourite thing here, and that night’s was extra juicy and tasty. Lin and I couldn’t resist seconds.
* Chicken Fillet ($2.75 each) - I learnt from Roz that @iamjaynedoe had introduced @yatagarasu72 to her and this was a favourite of Jayne’s. The pale-coloured, very tender chicken which came dotted with yuzu kosho, was different from the grilled items as it tasted much cleaner. If you’re ordering this, I’d recommend eating it first so as to better appreciate its lighter flavour profile.
* Chicken Hearts and Chicken Liver ($2.75 each) - Only Lin and I went for these “spare parts”. Both were grilled perfectly but the skewer of chicken hearts was the one that stole ours.
* Pork Belly with Asparagus ($3.85 each) - It is impossible for me to walk into a Yakitori place and not order this because asparagus and pork belly is a tried and tested success.
* Grilled Chicken Wings - They do it really well here. I wouldn’t have minded a few more - haha.
* Pork Belly with Spring Onions - Decent but not something I’d repeat.
* Pork Belly with Yakisoba / Fried Noodles ($6.60) - Embellished in mayo and a tangy sauce (the kind you get with your Tonkatsu), this was interesting for want of a better word. But not an item I’d have again either.
* Grilled Onigiri ($7.70 each) - The triangles of pressed rice were tastier than I’d imagined plus they were accompanied by a wasabi-seasoned miso and pickles.