Sweet 'N' Spicy Drumlets ($6)
We guess Pizza hut's drumlets need not be introduced anymore since its a must order at every visit right?!

Hawaiian Supreme ($9.90)
We were rather sceptical with the Hawaiian Supreme at first but still decided to go with it for the (insta)gram. Honestly, more cheese and ham sounds excessive but once we had our first bite we realized that more cheese and ham really makes a difference! Their Creamy Cheese Drizzle taste similar, if not exact, to the Nacho sauce KFC serves. The difference in price for Hawaiian and Hawaiian Supreme personal pan is only $0.40 but you get almost double the ingredients. We would gladly choose Hawaiian Supreme anyday!

Seafood Vongole ($13.90)
Seafood was fresh, pasta was al dente but the broth was weird so we didn't enjoy this! Kae had to add extra extra serving of pepper and chilli flakes to cover the taste of the broth which was far from the sweet and savoury as mentioned.