1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond!

Sunset way’s kinda getting into my list of favorite places to go, not just because there’s already several ice cream places within that small hood, but also because of the Burpple Beyond deals I can find there are pretty attractive!

Just like what we did here, before hopping over for gelato, we came to check out the burgers at Torched in a hidden coffeeshop. Torched was exceptionally distinctive because it’s the only modern western stall in the coffeeshop. While I can’t comment much on the classic cheeseburger although the other half praised their thick, juicy, no frills beef patty highly. It was always chargrilled perfectly, exuding the smokiness yet retaining the juiciness of the meat. Draped with American cheddar, and sandwiched between the soft fluffy buttered buns along with crunchy gherkins, relish and caramelised onions.

For the fish burger, I was curious to find out what fish were they using, especially when the entire fillet was pretty big that they had to halve and towered between the buns. The chef told me that they were using pollock, which explains the moist and firm bite into the fish meat although it’s mild tasting. With the American cheddar, gherkins and tar tar sauce in place, the fish burger felt like an elevated version of a fillet-o-fish. Each burger is served with crispy shoestring fries.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we got to try their signature burgers at 50% off the price! All the more alluring for us to return and I am pretty sure we will!