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Craving a blast of protein for brunch? You can consider the Steak 'N' Eggs Churrasco but only if you like your beef lean.
The U.S. beef, served sliced, had a negligible bit of gristle but was done perfectly medium-rare like I'd asked. It was laid on a bed of scallion cream, and topped with a very mild chimmichuri. I found the meat a little chewy but that's likely due to it being cut along, rather than across the grain.
Also, even though the menu had stated "bacon hash" as a part of the dish, for whatever reason (I wasn't given any explanation), two quarters of a round cheddar waffle showed up in its place. Not that I am complaining as they were tasty in a crunchy, savoury, crumbly way.
As expected, I could choose how to have my eggs, so fried they were.