I'm seriously not a fan of beef related food, but this burger has to be the real deal. It is such a pleasure when you break the sunny side up and the egg yolk drips (sounds creepy but it gives me a 'wow look at that' feeling). I couldn't finish the burger because it was too filling for myself to handle. The sauce mixes really well with the patty, and not to forget the battered onion rings, my favourite of all, makes the burger 'not that average looking'. Fries was pretty decent and price was alright for a filling burger. 🍔 But GST charge for the whole meal was 10%(damn the gov sorry if I'm being blunt about it), which was 5$+. 😒 Apart from that we have a great meal there, though I would love a more spacious space for the cafe to move around and the chair not designed in gap-wooden style (pity the girls who wear shorts, they would end up have that line thingy on their skin when they stand up).

You like to troll even in your own post ..haaha