Bossi's Handmade Noodles Dry ($4) may be a tad pricier than most hawker stall variations, but Tastemaker Wei Zhi Chiang assures us that it is worth the money. The stall used to be run by mom at Seletar a few years back, but her son has revived the stall and moved to Serangoon Garden Market about a year ago. The dry option is actually a new offering on the stall's menu, and is a good way to enjoy the spot-on chilli sauce as well as the soup — both winners in her opinion. The ban mian is thinner than usual, and absolutely springy. It made the perfect base for the coating of slightly sweet black sauce and freshly minced meat (not at all clumpy). The noodles come topped with red chilli paste, which Wei Zhi found quite mild. If you'd like to heat things up, request for their special green chilli sauce for an extra kick! Alternate the noodles with sips of the accompanying wolfberry leaves (kau kee) soup, stirred through with egg — so comforting!
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Wei Zhi Chiang