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Just within the span of two and a half years, Beach Road based The Masses has managed to revamp their menu a whopping 8 times. Never one to rest on his laurels, chef Dylan Ong’s eighth iteration of his “Franco-Asian” menu sees even more wildly inventive creations that combine French technique and Asian ingredients.

The Savoury Meringue is pretty as a picture, with iridescent pearls of bright orange ikura sitting in stark contrast on little meringue puffs seasoned with yuzukoshu aioli and otak-otak powder made from the dehydrated trimmings of another dish. No doubt the predominantly sweet and salty flavours interspersed with hints of citrus and spiciness made for an interesting and complex biteful, but I’m still of two minds whether the sweetness could have been toned down a notch. Regardless, certainly one to try.

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Taste: 3/5