Before I even reached Nit & Grit, I did a little research on their instagram and noticed that they mentioned that that make their own pudding on a daily basis. I was curious to try their pudding and being an earl grey fan myself. This drink was a must order! The earl grey flavour was just right and the sweetness of the milk tea was perfect for me. I'm a gong cha/koi (25%-30%) sugar level person. The pudding had a subtle sweetness on it's own, along with the chin chow jelly and the pearls. The tapioca pearls had the right consistency in chewy texture.

Also, their drinks here at Nit & Grit don't contain a lot of ice! The milk tea is pulled straight out of the fridge and poured into the cups. So for people like me who hate, having to dig up pearl bits hidden beneath humongous ice cubes. CELEBRATE!

During my visit to Nit&Grit. I witnessed some other customers ordering this same drink which makes me confirm the right decision to order this "best seller"