Dine here with my friend on a Sunday afternoon and ordered the rosti. Staff said it would be a 20 minutes wait and I was okay with it.

The rosti was a good size served with a sunny side up egg, sour cream and a choice of cheesy sausage ($17), smoked bratwrust ($19), smoked salmon ($22) or corned beef ($19). So your rosti paid is according to the sides that you choose. There's also an option to add on rosti at +$9. The rosti was good. Shredded pieces of potato, lumped together and fried till the sides were super crispy but yet not burnt. So you have this super crispy outer crust while the middle is soft. The smoked bratwrust was good as well. It had a good bite and was firm. Taste-wise it was smoky and salty which complemented well with the unseasoned rosti.

Overall if you love your potatoes real crispy, this is your go-to place but fyi we waited 1hr 20mins before we got a table.