On my list for really long because they are known for their rosti, and it's not easy to find good ones!

Oberworks ($21)
- Choice of Poached Eggs, Scrambled, Sunny Side Up
The outsides were surprisingly crispy, but was still moist inside, so it doesn't hold together very well, but was decently flavourful. The mushrooms had a nice bite and the bacon was slightly crispy at some parts. The chorizo (sausage) had a very strong spice (?) (my guess is cumin) which made it flavourful and slightly spicy, but flavour could also be too strong for some. The poached eggs were well cooked, with it being runny the way I like it. Only really wished for some sourcream to pair with the rosti. Overall a decent rosti, except that the dish was kinda pricey, but made more affordable with 30% off from @burpple!

Got 30% off from @burpple, so the total bill came up to $48.50 for 2 mains and 2 drinks!

Overall Rating: 7.5/10