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The loaded Phife Dawg comprises of hot beef chili, smoked cheese, sour cream, Big Poppa's hot sauce, watermelon relish and a toasted matcha butter bun. Biting into the hotdog releases a flood of savory and fatty secretions from the succulent beef sausage that very rapidly get soaked up by the matcha bun. The matcha bun, that envelops the sausage, is light, buttery and fluffy with a sweet green-tea flavor that balances out the creamy richness of the savory smoked cheese and tangy sour cream. The gloppy beef chilli has mingled with the Big Poppa's hot sauce, giving a smokey, beefy and spicy kick, while the zesty, uplifting and fruity watermelon relish harmonizes with the heartiness of the chili and enlivens the dish.

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