I first heard of them a few months ago, and now they seem to have opened so many more outlets!
I can see why they are popular- when eaten straight off the griddle, these were wonderfully crispy and fluffy on the inside. They are a little too oily for me though, but I guess that's precisely why they're so good. I usually like my waffles plain, but I can never resist Ovamaltine (which is an extremely popular spread here, and offered in almost all the waffle stands I've been to yay!). The dark chocolate sauce is also really good here, not too sweet and gives a very nice, indulgent chocolatey taste to the waffles.
My favourite waffles however, will still have to be the HK egg waffles in Grand City, just because they're just as good without being too greasy. However, Pocoyo is undoubtedly a more convenient option because they seem to be everywhere now!