Buta Kin is probably a name that should ring a bell for those who are pretty familiar with the F&B scene in Singapore — having first opened at the food court at Beauty World Centre, they have also since opened a new outlet at Thomson V Two, taking over the former premises of now-defunct Edwin & Cooks (also the same unit where now-defunct Chicken Clinic and OZ Specialty Coffee used to be).

Serving up a wider variety on the menu, more versions of their Original, Red and Black Ramen are served here, alongside some side dishes as well as Japanese Curry Rice if ramen is not quite your thing. Went for the Special Red Ramen; the Red ramen being the variant to go for it one fancies having something spicy. Thought the broth felt a little bland here; despite being a Tonkotsu broth, it seems to be lacking on the richness and savouriness of the broth — rather subtle with the spiciness also being pretty mild. That being said, the noodles are pretty “al-dente” here carrying a good bite, while the Cha Shu came with in a thick cut that thankfully did not carry a porky stench. Liked how the sheets of seaweed came crisp; some places tend to serve them a little limp, as though they had been aired out for too long, while the ramen egg comes flavoured — slightly savoury with a molten yolk that is oh-so-satisfying.

Not the best bowl of ramen out there, but at the price point of S$8.90 for this — it’s probably still a good deal after all. For those looking for the most basic bowl to satisfy their ramen cravings, the most basic Tonkotsu version (i.e. Original Ramen) only costs S$5.90, while the Vege Ramen is their cheapest offering at S$5.50. An option worth considering for pocket-friendly ramen at Upper Thomson!