The Porterhouse is made out of two parts; the tenderloin and the strip steak on either side of the T-shaped bone.

This blushing piece of beef is the strip steak, along with some steamed broccoli (for a change in texture and taste), and it was done medium. Ok I should have gone for medium rare, but this was still so incredibly juicy and flavorful. It was served sizzling hot and the juices still bubbling away on the bottom of the plate. My eyes positively popped out biting into this piece of steak. I loved the tenderloin portion more, because it was was even more soft and tender, juice exploding out with each bite. They also provided a bottle of their house sauce which was really delicious; sweet, tangy and just paired really well with the steak.

Service was really warm and on-point with the waiters being attentive and filling our plates efficiently.