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Don't usually drink starbucks but I'm a sucker for anything matcha so I just had to try this!

I think the concept is rather interesting. The foam at the top really stays and doesn't disintegrate into the drink, so you can experience the different layers. That soft, fluffy cream and the coffee.

Comments as a matchaholic; requested for no sugar because I thought that I would be able to savour my matcha cold foam more but alas there was but a slight hint of tea fragrance that was gone rather quickly. The drink was still a tad sweet, so i think the cream itself might be sweetened? Might just stick to my Matcha-espresso fusion, which I think carries a stronger matcha element.

Unlike your usual starbucks beverages which come in a lid with a hole to poke your straw in, this was supposed to come with a sip cover, but I was given the standard lids because I was told that they had ran out of the covers intended for the drink for the grande. Perhaps they could've considered offering me a size exchange or something because I felt that the sip cover affects the enjoyment of the drink; at least for me.