Entre-Nous Creperie
Emmental Cheese and Button Mushrooms with bechamel sauce ($16.90)
Price rating: $$
Ambience: 3 *

Entre-Nous Creperie is my go-to place for french crepes because they mean business. What do I mean business? Despite being tucked away at a corner of a quaint street, you can see french people streaming in and speaking in their tongues.. For a moment I thought I was in Europe. Authentic French Crepes, that’s why, they mean business.

Creamy, thicc, rich, and aromatic… as you cut open the crepe, melted cheese pours out from the slit with the bechamel sauce and before you know it, you had to wipe your saliva off on the napkin.. Cheeses are not for the faint hearted but the emmental cheese is a milder variety for the general public’s palates. Portions are big, so if you’ve decided to chicken out because of a mental barrier(emmental barrier), or simply because you are lactose intolerant, you can always opt for the sweet option, coming up, in the next review.

Bon Appetit!