Located a short walk away from Sixth Avenue MRT, this place was relatively easy to find and was quite chill and welcoming. I had known beforehand that the place is famous for steak and ribs and decided to order the pork ribs, with a green salad and chili cheese fries on the side. Additionally, I got a slice of pecan pie with vanilla ice cream, and an iced latte. All in all, it was a pretty indulgent meal. The pork ribs are super tender and the jalapeño mustard flavour is such an interesting one. Would highly recommend for those who like strong flavours! The fries and salad were alright though I must say, the ribs and the two sides proved to be quite a substantial amount of food. I was already quite stuffed by the time I finished the mains. The pecan pie was served warm with a pretty generous scoop of ice cream! I like the soft, fudgey chocolate filling, that had just the hint of cinnamon, which contrasted nicely with the crunch of the pecans. The iced latte was pretty decent as well. All in all, would definitely recommend as a place to grab a casual meal with friends or family! Would probably go back again to try the other things on the menu!