A couple of years ago and Yishun only had a lone ice-cream parlour — still remembered making the trek down to Holy Cow Creamery back when it was probably the only ice-cream parlour that the north had. Fast forward to 2021, and Yishun is now home to several ice-cream parlours such as Hyogaki, No Horse Run and Bloom Artisan — Overscoop is yet another new ice-cream parlour which has found home at Junction Nine.

While there are quite a number of flavours to choose from, which included the Mango, Strawberry Cheesecake, Honeycomb and Lychee Sorbet, there is one flavour that seemingly stood out the most to us — the Moutai Liquor. The use of a Chinese liquor is probably a first, and strays away from the use of Western liquor of the likes of Bailey’s and Rum for an alcoholic ice-cream flavour. Whilst the ice-cream flavour started off pretty mild at the start with its milky base, the booziness from the Moutai builds up slowly as it starts to perfume itself round the taste buds, and grows stronger over time — something which we found pretty alluring for how soothing, yet with coming with an alcoholic kick, and bound to be a flavour that will be well-loved by those who are into alcoholic ice-cream flavours. It also pairs surprisingly well with fruity flavours such as that of the Lychee Sorbet, or the Apple Crumble which we had opted for — something that those who love fruity alcohol can consider, though the Apple Crumble felt a little generic here. While the caramalised apple added a good sweetness and a soft chew that matched well with the Moutai Liquor ice-cream, it was marred by how it lacked structural integrity; unable to hold the weight of the scoop of ice-cream above it.

Yishun has no shortage of ice-cream parlours with their own twist — since the days of Holy Cow Creamery where they have offered pretty unique flavours such as Mr Potato Head and Miss Saigon, to the botanical-inspired flavours and sourdough waffles that Bloom Artisan has to offer, as well as the Pandan-infused Waffles and Milo Sauce that appears on the menu of No Horse Run. Overscoop adds to the list of such places in this very neighbourhood — the Moutai Liquor ice-cream being the flavour I would go for again. A neighbourhoodly ice-cream joint that residents around the area would appreciate having in the neighbourhood!

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