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Making decisions on what to have here was really simple because they only served Katsudon here, whether spicy or not. And at S$13.50, a platter of battered pork and chicken fillets were plated in the form of a flower above a bed of Hokkaido rice. Apparently they shared the same bowls as Tendon Kohaku, so it was not strange to see some similarities in terms of their presentation.

Meat lovers might either be delighted or disappointed with the Katsus. One might argue that the slices were too thin for liking, but I thought it was just the right thickness to go with the batter, and having six pieces of meat with w smaller portion of rice made it appear favourably out of proportion. The spicy element was also quite flavoursome, with traces of sugar to balance off that burning sensation a little. Kind of reminded me of a spicy chicken burger from the big M.

On the downside, the waiting time of more than 15 minutes was uncalled for, given that there was no customer before me who was still waiting for his food to be served. It so happened that shortly after I placed my order, a group of seven came in and placed their order. Let’s just say that my food was eventually served, I took this photo, finished my meal, and finally came their dinner. Just wondered if they would also take this long during their lunch service actually.