"How is it that I took so long to try this gem of a creation?!", screamed the voice inside my head when I first tasted this soft serve-meets-eggette treat. Inspired by Oddies Foodies, no doubt, but delicious all the same with its own innovative spin.

Matcha Soba ($5.20 in cup) is the current rotating flavour, and I sure hope it becomes a permanent one. The earthy matcha fragrance, softened by lush milkiness, left behind an alluring trace of bittersweetness that made me yearn for more. This flavour comes with a sprinkle of dried buckwheat puffs that added a lovely toasty flavour. My other choice of adornments include the yuzu jelly, adzuki, and Gula Melaka sago (all at $1 each), which formed a nice combination, except for the latter which was muted out by the potent matcha-ness.

Also praiseworthy was the Puffle ($3), which remained crisp even after awhile, with soft mochi-like pockets imbued with cinnamon, a characteristic that sets it apart from the HK eggette. My choice of complimentary sauce was speculoos, which of course, makes everything even better. ❤️