Honestly I haven’t tried Fong Sheng Hao in Taiwan so I can’t really compare, but if you’re a bread monster like me, you’ll probably love their bread.

We got a few different items to share: pork floss toast, spicy pork toast and peanut toast set with the signature drinks - milk tea and black tea.

Pork floss toast:
My least favourite out of the three, I felt that the taste of the pork floss didn’t meld that well with the omelette, mayo and sweet bread. It wasn’t overly dry as meat floss goes, but the floss bits spilled out of the toast quite a fair bit so this was also the messiest toast to eat.

Spicy pork toast:
A recurring favourite for us. The spicy pork toast is like a moist juicy slice of bacon with spicy sauce. We haven’t tried the non-spicy version but the spicy one suits us just fine. It’s not all that spicy since there’s also mayo in the sandwich. The omelettes in all the savoury sandwiches are fluffy and just the right consistency for sandwiches - not too dry nor too runny.

Peanut toast:
One of the specials is two pieces of toast with creamy peanut butter sandwiched in between, with another layer of peanut butter AND crushed peanuts with sugar granules sprinkled generously on top. If you love peanut butter or peanuts, this is the toast to go for. I really liked the combination of the sweet milk bread with the slight savouriness of the peanut butter, plus the crunch of the peanuts and bursts of sweetness from the sugar granules. Think muah chee but essentially with peanut butter sandwich toast instead of sticky kueh.