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Nestled right at the entrance of The Bijou condominium directly opposite Pasir Panjang MRT is the kins’ cafe which has been making waves in the cafe scene with their Burnt Cheesecake.

It’s definitely not the most photogenic, and it defies all the rules of what a cheesecake should be. With its burnt exterior, uneven top, and gooey middle, the basque cheesecake breaks all the rules and remoulds it in its own glory. The slightly bitter burnt crust balances the sweetness and saltiness from the gooey cheese perfectly, resulting in a gastronomical experience of epic proportions. The mouthfeel and delicate balance of flavours is incredible. You really have to try this for yourself and experience the magic of your first bite, and many subsequent bites, first hand.

Note that takeaway is only available for the whole cake as the cheesecake slice will melt, so it’s only suitable to be eaten at the cafe!