Ordered a small bowl ($9) which was shown as per the photo on their stall. Clarified that the larger bowls come with more ingredients, not just noodles 😂.

The bowl came with springy wanton noodles, hot spring egg, cha-su, crispy potato wrapped prawn, HK style wontons and scallions. The wanton noodles were springy and with the addition of the scallions and chilli, it tasted flavourful. The hot spring egg was cooked to the right texture with a lava yolk and was sweet-savoury flavoured as a whole. Crispy potato wrapped prawn added more texture than taste to the dish while the HK style wontons were filled with very generous fillings of prawn and meat. The best part of this dish was the tender and melt-in-your-mouth Cha-su 💯🤤.

Would have to say that although the ingredients were really fresh, generous and delicious, this bowl didn’t come together as a dish. It’s a dish that I personally feel everyone should try at least once in a life time, but I wouldn’t revisit it again.