After Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh completed their renovation a couple of months back, the space in Midview City also offered some local breakfast and Ban Mian, converting the spacious restaurant into a cosy “kopitiam”-style eatery.

One of their new stalls sell Ban Mian, which had a seemingly clearer soup than most other Ban Mians in Singapore. I felt that the Slice Poro Belly Ban Mian (S$5.00) was overpriced, with baby-sized meatballs, petite portion of handmade noodles and a soup that seemed to lack that wee bit of umami layer to it. As a personal preference, I prefer handmade noodles with some chewiness to it, whereas this one could also do more of. On the whole, this was an average Ban Mian that can be easily forgettable.