Great variety of delightfully moist & fluffy muffins here, perfect mid day snack! Priced within average price of just $1.30-$1.50 each, it is so affordable I couldn’t resist and walked away with a box! Love how sizable the muffins here are and how they are not commercialized with a standard dimension - gives that home baked feel! And that amazing browned buttery crusty top. If I could have it my way, I’ll rip the top of all the muffins on display 😝

Clockwise from top left. Cheese ($1.30), double choc ($1.50), coffee walnut ($1.50), mocha ($1.60), banana walnut ($1.30), carrot walnut ($1.30)

If you’re a chocolate fan, go for the double choc! It’s filled with chocolatey goodness with a generous amount of melted choc chip! For a milder version, the choc chip one can satisfy the choc craving too.

I loved the mocha one!! It is like the choc chip one but with a coffee base.

Disappointed with the pumpkin and carrot walnut for the lack of that rich spiced base. Instead, these flavors had the standard vanilla base with chopped pumpkins/carrots. They’re still good, just not in line with what I expected.

Banana walnut is a safe choice with generous amount of banana and a nice crunch from the walnut. The cheese one had little chunks of cream cheese in there.