Great for sharing among meat lovers! The platter came with half a rack of BBQ Baby Back Ribs, 4 Harry’s Signature Wings, sliced Italian Pork Chipotle, 5 sticks of Chicken Satay and a small mountain of Tandoori Chicken. Ribs were pretty tender with a good portion of fat, and we knew it when they didn’t serve the ribs with a steak knife cause the meat easily tore off the bones and was well flavoured 🤤🤤 A pity they were small and the meat wasn’t that much though. Chicken wings were every bit as crispy as a good Har Cheong Gai minus the prawn paste taste. Sausages were decent, satay was pretty eh and satay peanut sauce was a little too watery. Tandoori Chicken wasn’t the true Indian tandoori but seasoning was pretty alright. Overall, really value for money with eatigo’s 50% off and shoutout to the good service with constant water refills (even when our jug was only half empty) 👍🏻👍🏻